NS Design NXT Viola

NS Design NXT series are made in Czech Republic by the makers of NS Design's renowned CR series, and offers a higher quality workmanship, and precisely crafted instruments. NXT violas feature the same headless design, patented tuning system, adjustable chin rest, custom shoulder rest, and maple body, with the latest switchable passive/active (rechargeable) Polarâ„¢ electromechanical transducer, and switchable arco/pizzicato mode. The NXT viola set up with F-C-G-D, Octave, or even G-D-A-E strings.

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Barcus Berry Violin/Cello/Double Bass Bridge Pickups

Barcus Berry Clamp-on Bridge Pickup System is an amplification system designed specifically for string instruments including violin, viola, cello, and upright double bass. It includes bridge pickup, connected directly to a separate preamp complete with EQ to reproduce clear sound and tone. No mics, no feedback and noise.

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