Elektron Analog Rytm

Analog Rytm by Elektron is essentially an 8-voice hybrid analog drum machine, fused with built-in samples. Each voice have its own analog sound generator engine, sample playback engine, analog overdrive unit, analog multimode filter, amplitude envelope, effect sends, and an LFO . Analog Rytm also features 12 velocity-sensitive pads, FX engines, Elektron Step Sequencer, and equipped with +Drive for large storage capacity. A powerful all-in-one standalone beat machine.

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Elektron Octatrack

Octatrack by Elektron is one of the most powerful hardware sampler that allows you to sample up to 8 tracks, and modify them using various engine methods to create unique tracks out of the box. It also has Time Stretching feature, crossfader for smooth transition between tracks, the Elektron Step Sequencer engine that allows MIDI sequencing, Track LFO engines, and audio editor and slice points. These features make Octatrack a must have for DJ, electronic musicians, audio and even video producers.

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