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Color Imagination Parzoom

The Parzoom series by Color Imagination offers the bright and even LED wash light with zoom capability. Parzoom 3618 offers 36x18W 6-in-1 LEDs (RGBWAUV), Motorized linear zoom from 8°to 60°, and power linkable up to 8 units at 230V. Ideal for indoor architectural lighting, live concerts, road shows, clubs, theme park, and wedding party.

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Color Imagination Cobpar A100

Cobpar series is Color Imagination's solution for those looking for the latest technology of COB LED par, that produces super smooth color mixing, at brightest possible output. The Cobpar A100 integrates 100W COB LED and comes in 3 models, the A100PW with WW+PW (Warm White+Pure White) COB, A100C with RGBAW COB, and A100UV with UV COB. Perfect for TV studios, video production, live shows, car shows, clubs, indoor architectural lighting, etc.

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Color Imagination Ledpar Multi

Ledpar Multi series is the most affordable and popular solution from Color Imagination for your needs of indoor LED par. Ledpar Multi 363 comes with 36x3W LEDs (RGBA/RGBW), while the Ledpar Multi 543 comes with 54x3W LEDs (RGBA/RGBW). Suitable for any kind of occasions.

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Color Imagination Ledpar IP

Ledpar IP series by Color Imagination is a series of high powered, IP65 rated, outdoor LED par can that features excellent color mixing, quiet running and flicker free control. It comes in 4 models, Ledpar 543IP with 54x3W LEDs (RGBW), Ledpar 2410IP with 24x10W 4-in-1 LEDs (RGBW), Ledpar 2415IP with 24x15W 5-in-1 LEDs (RGBWA), and Ledpar 2418IP with 24x18W 6-in-1 LEDs (RGBWAUV). Ledpar for applications as large scale concerts, TV studio, outdoor architectural lighting, etc.

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Color Imagination Flyeye

Color Imagination Flyeye series offers completely high performance wash effect, beam effect and various beautiful visual effects. The lens system has rotating capability to create multi petal-like micro fine rays that are programmable for individual colors, while also pixel-mappable. Other than wash effects up to 60°, Flyeye could also deliver 4° dazzling hard BEAM effect. Flyeye 715F includes 7x15W OSRAM OSTAR 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs, while Flyeye 1915F includes 19x15W OSRAM OSTAR 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs. Perfect for high power need live concerts, TV studios, theaters, DJ shows, clubs, weddings, etc.

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Color Imagination Minizoom

Joining Color Imagination's Mini series, Minizoom offers not only pixel-mappable Wash LED moving head in compact sizes, but also motorized zoom capability to adjust the beam angle between 8°-62°. The Minizoom 715FP features 7x15W 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs, the Minizoom 740FP features 7x40W 4-IN-1 OSRAM RGBW LEDs, while the Minizoom 1915FP features 19x15W 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs. Perfect for large scale live concerts, TV studios, video productions, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, discos, etc.

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Color Imagination Madpanel

The Madpanel series is the pixel-mappable matrix Wash LED moving heads by Color Imagination, that are controllable using ART-NET protocol. The Madpanels integrated with CREE XLamp XML 4-IN-1 10W RGBW LEDs that allows for a wide range of diverse visual effects, offering options like numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, with remarkable color mixing advantage. Madpanel 910F includes 9pcs of LEDs with 110W of total power consumption, while Madpanel 2510F includes 25 pcs of LEDs at 300W total. Perfect for large scale live concerts, TV studios, video productions, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, disco, etc.

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Color Imagination Minispot

Color Imagination Minispot is a series of LED moving heads that delivers high output Spot beams through White 7500K LED, while featuring rotating gobo wheel, color wheel, a 3-facet prism, motorized linear focus, 0-100% linear LED dimmer, variable speed shutter/strobe, and comes in various models, size and output power. The Minispot 50, Minispot 90, Minispot 150, and Minispot 250Z each offer respectively 50W, 90W, 150W, and 250W of LED, with Minispot 250Z offers also motorized zoom capability.

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Color Imagination Beam 440

Beam 440 is Color Imagination's high powered and full-featured Beam Spot Wash discharge moving head with OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W lamp (20R) inside. It has motorized zoom ranges from 2.5°-50°, and also includes other high end features like CMY+CTO, a rotating gobo wheel, static gobo wheel, color wheel, 16-facet circular prism, 6-facet linear prism, variable frost filter, motorized linear focus, motorized ZOOM, adjustable speed shutter/strobe; and mechanical dimmer, etc.

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