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Color Imagination Beam 280T

Color Imagination Beam 280 is a professional, rich featured Beam/Spot/Wash moving head that features 280W 10R Osram discharge lamp, rotating gobo wheel, static gobo wheel, color wheel, 8-facet circular prism, 16-facet circular prism, adjustable frost filter, motorized linear focus, motorized ZOOM, adjustable speed shutter/strobe, and mechanical dimmer. Suitable for large scale live concerts, TV studios, video productions, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, disco, etc.

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Color Imagination Ledspot

Color Imagination Ledspot series is the high powered LED spot moving head that offers ultra high brightness and low power consumption. Ledspot 300 features a 7500k 300W single white LED, 12° to 36° linear motorized zoom, fast and quiet PAN/TILT, rotatable gobo wheel (7 gobos plus open), a static gobo wheel (9 gobos plus open), a color wheel (7 colors plus open), motorized linear IRIS, 3-facet rotating prism, variable frost filter, motorized linear focus, 0-100% linear LED dimmer, and adjustable speed shutter/strobe.

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Color Imagination Dotzoom

Dotzoom series by Color Imagination is a special LED beam moving head fixture with some advanced features like continuous pan/tilt, motorized zoom capability, and various effects like prism, frost filter for sharp/blurry edge, and flower fx. The Dotzoom 60F features 60W Osram LE RTDUW S2WP 4-in-1 (RGBW) LED source with a specially designed high resolution 110mm wide front glass lens, and adjustable 2.5°-45° beam.

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Color Imagination Batman

ColorImagination Batman is a special multi-beam moving head with continuous Pan/Tilt movement, and 2 parallel heads with 5 beams on each head. It features 10 pcs CREE XLamp XML 4-IN-1 10W LEDs, pixel controllable, 180° adjustable TILT projection angles on each head, hi-speed strobe effect, and 12 default pixel macros effect. Perfect for small to medium live concerts, TV studios, video productions, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs, disco, etc.

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Color Imagination Crazy 4

Crazy4 is Color Imagination's flagship 4-head moving head centerpiece. It features 4x PHILIPS 189W 5R discharge lamp, UFO shape revolver with fast and precise 360° continuous PAN movement, high definition 3° optic lens, 11 colors color wheel, 14 gobos gobo wheel+gobo shake effect, and 8-facet prism. Perfect for large scale live concerts, TV productions, clubs, etc.

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Color Imagination Minibeam PRO

Minibeam PRO Series by Color Imagination are the discharge moving heads featuring Osram lamps, color wheel, gobo wheel, motorized focus capability, frost filter effect, and both 16-facet and 8-facet prism effect. The Minibeam PRO comes in 3 models, Minibeam 100PRO with 100W Osram Sirius bulb-3.2° beam angle, Minibeam 230PRO with 230W Osram P-VIP bulb-2.5° beam angle, and Minibeam 280PRO with 280W Osram bulb-2.5° beam angle.

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Color Imagination Minibeam

Minibeam Series by Color Imagination is the LED beam moving head series that features white 7500K white LED, with 50,000 hours of life span, little to no heat, built-in color wheel, gobo, 8-facet prism. and glass lens. They comes in 3 models, Minibeam 50 with 50W LED, the Minibeam 90 with 90W LED, and Minibeam 150 with 150W LED. The brightness of LED moving heads are comparable to those discharge lamp moving heads with 3-4 times power rating.

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Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic

Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic is the same 8-channel microphone preamp that offers everything the standard Scarlett OctoPre has to offer, but with A-D/D-A conversion via ADAT input and output, and analogue compression on every channel. Its eight analogue outputs can be sourced either directly from the mic preamps for live use, or via the ADAT inputs to give you eight more analogue outputs channels from your DAW.

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Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre

Scarlett OctoPre by Focusrite is an 8-channel microphone preamp with ADAT connectivity. It features eight Scarlett 2nd Generation mic preamps, 24-bit/192 kHz conversion with 109dB dynamic range, two front-panel instrument inputs, eight balanced line outputs, and digital ADAT output for recording. Combine with any ADAT supported audio interfaces, and you're good to go.

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