ADJ Versaport

The Versaport is 4-channel analog-to-digital audio interface that connects it all. Not only connecting all your gears to PC/laptop, it also deliver high quality audio right out of the box, with microphone input and headphone output. If you are looking for an affordable all-in one soundcard for your mobile DJ system, Versaport is the way to go.

Product Information

American Audio

Versaport – 4×4 DJ Sound card

Turn your music from analog to digital with ease!

Versaport front

Versaport back

The Versaport is a great way to convert any analog signal into digital files. This easy-to-use audio interface connects directly to your PC by its USB connection. Record audio with your computers built-in audio recorder or your favorite audio production software (see recommendations below). (RCA cables not included)

Import audio using these programs (plus others):

  • Windows: MME, MS DirectSound, Steinberg ASIO & Audition
  • Macintosh: Garage Band, Audio Hijack Pro(OSX) & Sound Manager (OS9)

Versaport diagram


  • 16-bit/48 kHz AD/DA converter
  • USB 1.1 compliant
  • Mic level knob
  • Monitor level knob
  • Line/ phono selector
  • Headphone & Mic jack
  • 4 channel – 4 input & 4 output
  • RCA analog connections
  • USB bus – powered, adapter-free
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 130” x 120” x 40” / 4.72” x 5.1”x 1.57”
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs. / 0.15 kgs

Please note:If using American Audio’s Versaport on two or more separate machines with different operating systems, you may need to install the Versaport Asio driver. This will allow you to switch from one operating system to the next.


American Audio Versaport  $139

Contact us to buy.

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