Aston Halo

Aston HALO is one of the world's best reflection filter and vocal booth made in UK that incorporates patented high tech construction using PET felt, vertical and horizontal curved design, larger surface area coverage, more linear absorption and diffusion, and highly adjustable mounting position. In the end, the environment where a sound is recorded contributes more than the quality of the mic itself.

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Aston Spirit

Aston Spirit is the big brother of the Aston Origin. It has all the features that Origin has, the wave-form mesh head, built-in pop filter, custom finish chassis and integrated XLR and stand adaptor mount design, 1" gold evaporated capsule, HPF, but with added feature that is the switchable polar patterns including Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight, and switchable -10dB and -20dB PAD. Easily one of the best choice for your multi-purpose microphone needs.

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Aston Origin

Aston microphone is the first UK made condenser microphone which offers unique features such as wave form mesh head to protect the capsule inside, built-in pop filter built into the wave-form head, and custom moulded end caps with integrated XLR and stand adaptor. The Aston Origin is cardioid condenser microphone utilising a one inch (1″) gold evaporated capsule with -10dB PAD and high-pass filter options, all at very affordable price.

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