Duende Magik Cajon

Duende Magik is a revolutionary electronic cajon which consist of integrated electronics for playing it acoustically, while at the same time also playing it using its 3 integrated pads with onboard 10 percussion set sounds electronically. The cajon made by cajon master luthier in Sevilla, Spain, using the best materials, while the patch control module offers volume knob, headphone jack, stereo/mono output, and footswitch jack for optional switching pedal.

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Duende Duo Cajon

The Duo Cajon by Duende Percusion is another revolutionary cajon which considered as ultimate cajon and perfect not only for professional musician but also for recording studio. The design incorporates two separated and independent sound boxes, which resulting in very clear trebel (high) and bass (low) similar to two-way speakers. This allows us to separate EQ and volumes for each frequency range for better tone shaping.

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Duende Elite Cajon

Duende Elite cajon designed for professionals and drummers that want it powerful and explosive both in trebel and bass. It features CL-3 tension system which allow you to adjust the strings to produce a very dry bouncy sound (so that the strings do not react) to a super wet sound with a lot of snare. Handmade in Spain, and made 100% of Birch which known for its rich nuances.

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Duende Confusion Cajon

Confusion cajon by Duende is basically two-in-one cajon. It has two sides with two completely different constructions, materials, and of course, tones. One side features the Zebrano front plate with Basic (Standard) structure and ST-1 tension system, while the other side features pine front plate with a CL-2 (compression) structure. Change sound simply by turning your cajón. Duende cajons are all handmade in Spain.

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Duende Basic Cajon

Duende cajons are all handmade in Spain. Including the most affordable Basic cajon designed for beginners. 
The cajón Basic is made with okumen for the body and a pine front plate. It has two strings in a “V” with its tension system ST-1, balanced tone between trebel and bass, in essential, the combination of Peruvian cajón and the Spanish cajón.

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