ADJ Scene Setter

Elation Scene Setter-24 is a 24 channel dimming console with two scene operation faders. It features built-in 4200 programmable scenes, 48 chases, 24 channel faders with 24 bump buttons, audio input for music sync, and also MIDI compatible. The Scene Setter also available in 48 channel version.

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ADJ DMX Operator Pro

DMX Operator Pro from Elation is a powerful hybrid DMX and dimmer controller which covers 128 DMX-ch for moving lights and 8-ch for pars. For moving fixtures, it has joystick for Pan/Tilt, and can control up to 16 channels each, 96 scenes, and 8 shows. For pars it has 8 dimmer faders, 96 scenes, and 6 shows. It also Midi controllable.

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ADJ Magic 260

Elation Magic 260 is a 19-inch rack mount DMX controller for professional DJs or clubs which covers 260 DMX channels, and can control up to 48 fixtures and store up o 24x48 scenes and 264 shows. It features PAN/TILT joystick, 4 data wheels, and MIDI in and Thru.

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