KMI Softstep

Softstep by Keith McMillen is the all-in-one foot MIDI controller for musicians, DJ, or producer. It can be used as effects pedal board for guitar, MIDI keyboard, or simply VST/DAW foot controller. It has 10 pressure and directional sensitive keys, navigation pad, and an LED display.

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KMI QuNexus

QuNexus is a unique, compact, yet powerful mini keyboard-style USB MIDI controller by Keith McMillen which features 25 pressure, tilt, and velocity sensitive silicon keys with LED illumination. It works with any system that supports MIDI whether it is a PC, Mac, or iOS devices.

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QuNeo by Keith McMillen is a compact yet super powerful programmable USB pad MIDI controller with unique features. Its size is similar to 10" tablet, has simple and clean layout and features velocity, pressure, and x/y location sensitive pads, sliders, encoders and buttons. It also has built-in programmable LEDs.

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