Sparkular Fall

Sparkular Fall following the success of award winning Sparkular machine offers the 'cold fireworks' spark machine, that is safe to operate in indoor settings. Using the same granule refill as the standard Sparkular machine, and controllable using the same hardware DMX controller, Sparkular Fall have one distinction. It shoots downward instead of upward. You can now mount the machines to truss and have a waterfall-like sparks.

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Sparkular System is the world first indoor fireworks spark system that delivers pyrotechnics-like effects but in super safe manner to the environment. Using granulated titanium alloy grains as source material, there's no need to worry about drawbacks on traditional cold fireworks such as danger caused by gunpowder, environmental pollution including smoke and odor, and operational restrictions. Sparkulars can be controlled via DMX, and can be programmed using the host controller included in the package.

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