Wi AudioStream Pro

Wi AudioStream Pro by WiDigitalSystem is a complete solution for wireless microphone system. The system includes a pair of transmitter and receiver, an unidirectional cardioid earset mic and an omnidirectional lavalier/lapel mic. The transmitter/receiver works via 2.4GHz digital frequency, with built-in 16-bit/48KHz A/D converter that enables you to plug and record directly to the PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone wirelessly.

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Wi AudioLink Pro

Wi AudioLink Pro by WiDigitalSystems is a universal wireless system designed to make any of your electric instruments whether it is guitar, keyboard, digital piano, electric drum, tablet, smart devices, or computer, wireless. With its built-in 16-bit/48KHz A/D converter, it can also be used as wireless digital interface for your instruments for recording.

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