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Feelworld MA7 Camera Monitor


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The Feelworld MA7 camera monitor is a must-have tool for videographers and filmmakers. This 7-inch 4K HDMI monitor offers outstanding image quality, a wide range of features, and versatile connectivity options, making it one of the best in its class. Here’s what you need to know:

Design and Build

The Feelworld MA7 features a durable, lightweight design with a slim body and a 1920×1200 IPS panel. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a brightness of 1000cd/m². The monitor comes with a sunshade and a rugged protective case for outdoor use.

Inputs and Outputs

The MA7 offers versatile connectivity, with full-sized HDMI input and output ports for loop-through and monitoring capabilities. It supports 4K@60Hz input with a 10-bit color depth through HDMI. Additionally, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring, a DC power input, and a LANC control port.

Image Quality and Features

With a high-resolution display and native 1920×1200 resolution, the MA7 boasts excellent sharpness and image reproduction. The monitor has a wide color gamut, covering 100% of the REC.709 color space.

The Feelworld MA7 also comes with various image processing features, such as waveform, histogram, false color, zebra bars, and peaking focus assist. These tools help you achieve accurate exposure, focus, and color balance.

Audio Monitoring and Control

The MA7 features an on-screen audio meter for real-time audio monitoring. It has a headphone output for private listening. Moreover, it supports LANC remote control for camera settings adjustment and recording control.

Power Options

The monitor has multiple powering options, including an LP-E6 battery plate, DC input, and D-Tap battery plate. This flexibility makes it suitable for studio and on-location use.


The Feelworld MA7 monitor includes various accessories, such as a sunshade, a protective case, a USB-C to USB-A cable, a cleaning cloth, and an HDMI cable.



* Display: 7-inch IPS LCD, 1920×1200 resolution, 1000cd/m² brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio
* Color Gamut: 100% Rec.709
* Color Depth: 10-bit
* Input: HDMI Type A (Full-sized), 4K@60Hz, 10-bit color depth
* Output: HDMI Type A (Full-sized), 4K@60Hz, 10-bit color depth
* Audio: 3.5mm headphone jack, on-screen audio meter
* Power: LP-E6 battery plate, DC input (7-17V), D-Tap battery plate
* Dimensions: 180x115x25mm (7.09×4.53×1.02 inches)
* Weight: 725g (25.6oz)

Bottom Line

The Feelworld MA7 camera monitor provides professional features, versatile connectivity, and outstanding image quality. It’s compact, lightweight, and equipped with essential image processing tools for video production. With its wide range of power options and an affordable price, the Feelworld MA7 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a dependable on-camera monitor.