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Pixelhue U3 Live Event Console



The U3 is a live event controller developed by PIXELHUE. With integrated intelligent, high performance event management software Triton, the U3 is capable of receiving, processing, and monitoring multiple inputs and outputs at your fingertips.

The U3 can simultaneously control up to eight Flex-View Event Presentation Switchers to realize synchronized operations on multiple switchers, greatly simplifying your on-site deployment and bringing more convenience and ease to your event.

The U3 undoubtedly has become an ideal video operating tool for a wide range of events today, such as large live conferences, various interactive live shows, music tours, and immersive art exhibitions.



(with handles, rack ears & rack mount)
W 1100 × D 674.8 × H 388.8 mm

43.3 × 26.6 × 15.3 inches

Please refer to the dimension diagram for more details.

Product Net Weight32 kg / 70.5 lbs (Net weight)

84 kg / 185.2 lbs (With Accessories and flight case)

Noise on Average (@1, 0.75m height)Front: 50 dB

Rear: 50 dB

Electrical ParametersDual backup power supply

Power connector: AC100 V‒240 V 50/60Hz

Max power consumption: 115 W

Power consumption: 100 W on average

Operating ConditionsTemperature: 0°C to 50°C

Humidity: 0% RH to 85% RH, non-condensing

Safety Compliance
Packing Information3 × Power cords

2 × DVI cables

1 × CAT5e Ethernet cable

1 × T-Handle Hex Key

1 x Dust cover

1 × Flight Case

1 x Certificate of Approval

1 x Customer Letter

1 × Quick Start Guide

1 x Safety Manual