Ultimate Support JS-MPS1C

JamStands series by Ultimate Support now comes with a little upgrade to their multipurpose stand, the JS-MPS1C. It features universal portable design for your mixers, keyboards, or DJ coffins, all in sturdy steel design, adjustable height from 26” to 43”, and adjustable width from 28.75” to 42”.

Product Information

ultimate support

JamStands® Series Multi-Purpose Mixer/Keyboard Stand – with Personalized Colored Accent Bands

The New JS-C Series of customizable JamStands® from Ultimate Support allows users to personalize their JamStands®. Using our custom color bands, it is now possible to add your favorite custom colors to JamStands® in the line, which otherwise retain the features and functionality customers love. Match your band’s logo or a favorite shirt, play themed parties, and more with the new JS-C line of JamStands® from Ultimate Support.

Note: Only blue custom bands are included with purchase. Other colors must be purchased separately.


  • Large enough for mixers, keyboards, DJ coffins, and more!
  • Sturdy, steel design
  • Height adjustable from 26” to 43”
  • Width adjustable from 28.75” to 42”



  • Product Name: JS-MPS1C
  • Part Number: 17647
  • Load Capacity: 110 lbs
  • Height Range: 26″ – 43″
  • Table Width: 28.75″ – 42″
  • Base Depth: 12.5″
  • Weight: 14.9lbs


Ultimate Support JS-MPS1C $110

Contact us to buy.




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