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Aston Halo

Aston HALO is one of the world's best reflection filter and vocal booth made in UK that incorporates patented high tech construction using PET felt, vertical and horizontal curved design, larger surface area coverage, more linear absorption and diffusion, and highly adjustable mounting position. In the end, the environment where a sound is recorded contributes more than the quality of the mic itself.

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iKlip A/V

iKlip A/V is a broadcasting mount that offers the best solution if you want to turn your smartphones into high quality video camera in any situation. Using the smartphone's built-in camera to capture the videos while capturing the high quality audio using dynamic/condenser microphone or wireless system? No problem. iKlip A/V has built-in mic preamp with phantom power and headphone output.

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Numark TTUSB

Looking for a simple turntable at home just to listening to your old vinyls and convert them to digital files? Numark TTUSB is your best affordable option. It is belt-driven turntable with adjustable speed, anti-skate, built-in preamp, and USB connectivity for digital conversion. TTUSB also suitable for DJs that are not doing heavy scratching and simply want to play their vinyls.

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Sennheiser HD8 DJ

Similar in design to the HD6 Mix, here comes Sennheiser HD8 DJ for well, DJ. Although similar in design, with its durable and lightweight construction and also soft circumaural cushions, HD8 DJ offers swiveling ear cups (up to 210° folding position), and different sound characteristics. It has 95 ohm impedance and super high 115dB SPL to match very loud DJ environment. So if you want the ultimate DJ headphone, HD8 DJ is your best companion.

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Sennheiser HD6 Mix

Hd6 Mix is the ultimate studio monitoring headphone by Sennheiser designed for mixing and monitoring by producers in studio environment. It offers accurate, balanced sound reproduction, super comfortable circumaural (over-ear) ear cushions, interchangeable cables, and has 150 ohm impedance, super wide 8Hz-30kHz freq. range, and 112dB SPL.

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Sennheiser HD 25

From the legendary DJ headphone HD 25-II, now come the new HD 25 Light and HD 25 Plus by Sennheiser. These closed, supra-aural (on-ear) headphones features rugged and super lightweight construction, detachable cable, and rotatable capsule for single ear listening (Plus only). With emphasized bass and trebel sound characteristics, these headphones perfectly complement DJ needs for mixing on stage or in the studio.

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Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is a closed back, over-ear headphone designed for use in any situation either in studio or as DJ monitor. It features robust construction, high ambient noise attenuation, accurate reproduction of sound, folding and rotating earcups, and wide freq, response from 8-20kHz with 113dB SPL. So if you're looking for an affordable yet high-quality headphones for DJ-ing or mixing, this might be your best option.

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Dynaudio LYD

Dynaudio has been known for a long time being one of the industry's best audio equipment company. With the new LYD series, Dynaudio offers their most accurate sound reproduction nearfield monitors with various features including adjustable sensitivity, Bass Extension, Sound Balance, and Position settings. LYD series comes in 5" (LYD5), 7" (LYD7), and 8" (LYD8) options which features 50W/LF 50W (80W for LYD8), Class-D amplification, Magnesium Silicate Polymer diaphragm.

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Casio MZ-X500

MZ-X500 is the flagship keyboard arranger from Casio that offers all the latest features from its little brother the MZ-X300, but with more power including 1100 high-quality built-in tones, 330 built-in rhythm styles, Hex Layer and Synth engine, and also 16 blue back-lit pad for Sampling, Phrase, and Chord presets. All these features make MZ-X500 a must have for professionals without breaking the bank.

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