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M-Audio SP Sustain Pedals

SP series by M-Audio is the solution for your sustain pedal needs. Comes in 3 models, the single pedal SP-2, dual pedal SP-Dual, and triple pedal SP-Triple, they offer heavy-duty mechanism with rubber coated shell and chrome foot pedals, that compatible to almost any electronic keyboards and controllers.

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M-Audio EX-P

M-Audio EX-P is a universal expression controller pedal that works with any M-audio MIDI controller keyboards, as well as almost any other keyboards with its built-in polarity switch. You can assign the MIDI value to control volume, modulation, panning, filter sweep and more. EX-P also compatible with some guitar effects that accept extra expression pedal.

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Numark TT250USB

TT250USB is your standard DJ turntable from Numark. It features quartz-controlled direct drive motor, 2.0 kgfcm torque, S-shaped tonearm, pitch fader and pitch bend, 2 speed operation, USB connection to convert your records into digital files, and attached stereo line-out RCA.

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Numark PT01 Touring

Numark PT01 Touring is a portable and affordable belt-driven turntable designed to give you that analog vinyl records experience anywhere you go. It features 3-speeds operational mode, built-in stereo speakers, rechargeable Li-ion battery, 3,5mm headphone jack, 3,5mm aux input to mix your tracks along, line level RCA outputs, and EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software to convert your records to digital files via USB.

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Akai BT500

Akai BT500 is the new belt-drive HiFi turntable for your home, that integrates not only USB connection to convert your records into digital files, but also streaming capability via bluetooth to your bluetooth enabled speakers. It features 2-speed operation mode, built-in switchable phono preamp, high quality and robust construction with aluminum brushed controls, tonearm and luxurious walnut finish.

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AudioTechnica AT-LP60-USB is the fully automatic belt-drive turntable designed to let you experience your vinyl records collection at home with ease. It has built-in switchable phono preamp, USB connection to convert your vinyl tracks into digital formats using included Audacity software, and two speeds operation mode 33 1/3, and 45 RPM.

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Akai Tom Cat

Akai Tom Cat is the analog drum machine with 5-percussion voices, with the kick, snare, and clap sounds all chromatically tunable. It has built-in 32-step sequencer, and also Gate I/O which enables you to combine it with any other modular synths, sequencers, or external sound sources. Specifically built-in for Tom Cat, is the 'Maul' circuitry to 'dirty up' your drums sound.

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Akai Timbre Wolf

Timbre Wolf is an affordable 25-key 4-voice analog synthesizer by Akai with various configurable modes such as 4 mono synths, 4-voice unison or a 4-voice polysynth. It has 32-step sequencer for each voice and Gate I/O for triggering your sequences via modular synths, vintage sequencers or external sound sources.

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M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II

M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II is your affordable alternative for your home studio. Included in the bundle are the M-Audio M-Track (Two-Channel USB Audio Interface, 24-bit/48kHz, with two combo inputs and two balanced 1/4" main outputs), a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, and and a pair of high quality studio headphones. Software included are Ableton Live Lite, Waves plugins (AudioTrack, Eddie Kramer Effects Channel, and TrueVerb), and AIR virtual instruments.

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