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Expressive E Osmose




Be one with sound

There’s never been an instrument quite like Osmose. A keyboard you already know how to play, but with new expression hidden in every single key. Meet the keyboard synthesizer where every sound offers you brand-new playing experiences. Let’s explore your new abilities.

Enhance your playing experience

Discover an instrument you can play like never before, where every note can be uniquely swelled, articulated, and curved.
Where every sound will offer you brand new playing experiences. Let’s discover your new abilities:

With 3D controls in every key

Osmose contains a unique, patented mechanism that delivers three dimensions of control in every single key.
We call this new technology A.K.A© Augmented Keyboard Action.

learn more about A.K.A ©

EaganMatrix embedded

The most advanced sound engine for expressivity. Osmose embeds Haken Audio’s unique EaganMatrix sound engine: From virtual analog to FM synthesis, physical modeling and everything in between, never has a synth engine provided so much potential for expressive control. Explore an infinite landscape of incredible acoustic and electronic sounds.

Your existing synths just got better

Unlock the true potential of your favourite hardware and software synthesizers when you combine them with the amazing expressive capacity of Osmose. Even if your synthesizer does not respond to polyphonic aftertouch or MPE, Osmose can still control it.

Carefully designed

The magic of a performance is found in the tiniest of details. Our goal was to create an instrument with style, manufactured with utmost care. We paid great attention to the manufacturing and finishing quality of the materials, their colors and different textures.

Respecting your playing skills

We kept the keyboard form factor, but added revolutionary new capabilities. Osmose was crafted to enhance everything about the playing experience, but without compromising your core skills with a keyboard. All with one thing in mind: Go far beyond what a keyboard was capable of before.

Adjustable sensitivity

Every musician develops a unique playing style. Sometimes the instrument needs to adapt, to suit a particular sound, or play more comfortably.
Osmose lets you trim sensitivity on the front panel in seconds, for a playing experience that always suits you.

Let’s start a new chapter in music

Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, Osmose is the result of more than 7 long years of research and development. This was all made possible thanks to an unprecedented partnership with Haken Audio. Many musicians, composers, pianists and keyboardists also generously shared their ideas and feedback, so we could create an instrument that truly met their expectations. Together, we have created something new. Now, it’s over to you.

KEYBED49 Full-size keys with A.K.A Technology
INTERNAL SOUND ENGINEEaganMatrix, a digital modular synth by Haken Audio
POLYPHONYUp to 24 voices with Layered, Split Modes
AUDIO OUTPUT¼” stereo headphone jack, Two ¼” Mono output jack for main stereo, 24 Bit D/A
CONTROLLERSPitch stick, Modulation stick
PANEL CONTROLS8 Knobs/Encoders, 9 buttons, LCD Color screen
PEDAL INPUTTwo continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or flexible synth parameters