Dynaudio 18S

18S sub by Dynaudio Pro. It features 16-230Hz freq range, 50-150Hz crossover freq., dual 9.5" MSP+ Hybrid Drive long-throw woofers in opposing position, 500W Class-D amp, master/slave capability, time alignment for adjusting according to position, 3-band EQ, and advanced DSP with presets for a wide range of Dynaudio Pro studio monitors. Simply the best companion for your Dynaudio monitors.

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Dynaudio 9S

Following the success of BM series subwoofers, here comes the 9S sub by Dynaudio Pro. It features 22-175Hz freq range, with crossover freq. from 50-150Hz, 9.5" cone, 300W Class-D amp, and master/slave capability for daisy chaining multiple subs. By overall, although it resembles the BM 9S II that it replaces, but when it comes to performance, it’s actually more comparable to the larger BM 14S II.

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Dynaudio LYD

Dynaudio has been known for a long time being one of the industry's best audio equipment company. With the new LYD series, Dynaudio offers their most accurate sound reproduction nearfield monitors with various features including adjustable sensitivity, Bass Extension, Sound Balance, and Position settings. LYD series comes in LYD5 (5", 50W/LF 50W), LYD7 (7", 50W/LF 50W), LYD8 (50W/LF 80W), and LYD48 (3-way, 8", HF50W/MF 50W/LF 50W) options with Class-D amplification, and Magnesium Silicate Polymer diaphragm.

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