JamHub® SoleMix® Remote

JamHub SoleMix Remote clicks into the back of any JamHub studio, creating an additional independent monitor section to mix from. Perfect for big stages, cluttered basements, and anyone playing an instrument rooted in one spot. Especially for keyboardists and drummers.

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JamHub® Studios

Setup your own 'Silent Studio' ready for rehearsals anywhere, anytime. No more volume war, disturbances and complains from your neighbors. Jamhub Bedroom can connect up to 5 players, Greenroom can connect up to 7 players, and Tourbus can also connect up to 7 players while also features built-in recording system.

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JamHub® Tracker MT16

Tracker MT16 is a multitrack recorder from JamHub that enables you to record your session in high-quality 24-bit/96kHz from any mixer or a JamHub Studio and line-level outputs. It features 16 channels recording capability from 8 mono-inputs, headphone/aux out, SD card and ethernet port, and can be connected to BandLab app via WiFi.

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