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Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin


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Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin: A Revolutionary Instrument for Musicians

The Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin is a groundbreaking musical instrument that combines innovative technology and sleek design to deliver an unparalleled sound experience. This article explores the features and specifications of this revolutionary electric violin, providing an in-depth look at what makes it a must-have for musicians.

Design and Build

Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin boasts a stylish and ergonomic design, engineered for enhanced playability and comfort during performances. Its body is crafted from high-quality Canadian maple wood, providing a rich, resonant sound, and the maple wood chin rest further enhances playing comfort. The violin’s matte finish ensures a smooth and elegant appearance, while the stylish color options cater to every musician’s unique aesthetic preferences.

Acoustic and Electronic Components

At the heart of the Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin lies a solid spruce top, delivering a robust and vibrant acoustic sound, while the ebony fingerboard guarantees a smooth and accurate playing experience. The violin’s premium steel strings and tailpiece with four fine tuners ensure precise tuning and reliable intonation.

The SDDS-N Series electric violin features a built-in piezo pickup that captures and transmits the instrument’s nuanced sound to an amplifier or sound system, making it perfect for live performances and recording sessions. The pickup offers a wide dynamic range, capturing both the softest pianissimo and the most powerful fortissimo with impressive precision.

Connectivity and Controls

The Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin is equipped with a 1/4” output jack for connecting to amplifiers, audio interfaces, or sound systems, allowing musicians to effortlessly adapt to various performance environments. Additionally, an advanced 9V EQ control system enables musicians to tailor their sound and achieve the perfect tonal balance. The EQ system includes:

1. Treble control: Adjusts high-frequency sounds
2. Mid control: Adjusts mid-frequency sounds
3. Bass control: Adjusts low-frequency sounds
4. Volume control: Adjusts the overall volume level

Battery and Power

The Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin is powered by a single 9V battery (not included), ensuring a long-lasting and reliable power source for hours of uninterrupted performance. The violin’s battery compartment is conveniently located on the back of the instrument, allowing for easy access and battery replacement.



* Body: High-quality Canadian maple wood
* Finish: Matte finish
* Neck: Canadian maple wood
* Fingerboard: Ebony
* Tailpiece: Alloy with four fine tuners
* Strings: Premium steel strings
* Pickup: Piezo pickup
* Controls: 9V EQ control system (treble, mid, bass, volume)
* Output: 1/4” output jack
* Power: 9V battery (not included)
* Color options: Black, blue, wine red, and white


The Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin is an exceptional instrument that combines innovative technology, superior craftsmanship, and elegant design to offer musicians a versatile and reliable performance tool. Its wide range of features and customizable options make it an ideal choice for violinists of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Experience the future of electric violins with the Kinglos SDDS-N Series Electric Violin.