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Ableton Push 3


Type Clear


An expressive standalone instrument

Focus and feel
Push gives you independence from your computer so you can be fully in the moment with your music. Connect your gear. Sculpt your sound. Play in a style that’s recognizably yours. An upgradeable instrument with replaceable components and an ever-evolving bond with Ableton Live, Push is designed to sit at the heart of your setup for years to come.

MPE-enabled pads
Shape your sound with pads that respond to the slightest movement of your fingers. Bend, slide and shift between different notes, sounds and articulations.

Standalone playability
Push invites you to disconnect and be fully in the moment with your music. Send your Live sets to Push to work without a computer, then back again.

Built-in audio interface
Plug your instruments into Push’s own audio interface to record straight into your set. Plus, send CV and gate signals to your modular setup.

Expressive touch
Responsive MPE-enabled pads make Push an individually expressive instrument. Design multi-faceted sounds and perform them in your own style with the movement of your fingertips within each pad.

Multi-directional pads

  • Movement and articulation
  • Filters and effects
  • Realistic or imagined drums
  • Expressive sound collection

Push’s 64 XY-sensitive pads respond to the subtlest shifts in finger placement and pressure. Feel your way around the pads to fluidly change your sound in multiple ways as you play.

The heart of your setup
From sampling records to controlling modular jams, to making multi-track recordings of your band’s rehearsal, Push works as a flexible creative hub. Built robustly for frequent travel between sessions and stages, and made to work with your trusty old gear and your newest toys, it’ll see you through many changes in setup, sound and scene.

Made to evolve
With sturdy construction and a feature set that grows alongside Live’s development, every generation of Push has a deliberately long lifespan. Push 3’s user-upgradeable parts take longevity one step further. Watch and learn about the ethos behind the instrument.

Intuitive design
Push’s navigation is designed to get out of your way so you can stay focused on creating. Smoothly source sounds and devices from your library, and edit MIDI quickly using the jog wheel. See your session at a glance and your devices in detail on the large LCD display.

One Push, two configurations
Set your Push up in a configuration that works for your budget and music-making needs. With a processor, battery and hard drive, Push functions as a standalone instrument. Without those components you need to connect Push to your computer to make music. You can add the standalone components later using the Upgrade Kit, and replace your processor, battery or hard drive to keep up with advances in technology.


Push 3 Standalone

  • Use Push as a standalone instrument
  • 64 expressive pads
  • Built-in audio interface
  • Intel 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM
  • Built-in lithium battery with up to 2.5 hours play time
  • Built-in 256GB SSD hard drive
  • Replace processor, battery and hard drive as technology improves


Push 3 + Intro

  • Connect Push to your computer
  • 64 expressive pads
  • Built-in audio interface
  • Add a processor, battery and hard drive later using the Upgrade Kit