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Seruni SEM-01


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Seruni SEM-01 – Hand-Built Clip-On Lavalier Microphone for Acoustic Instruments

Seruni born from a dream to achieve the best quality in reproducing sound while recording any acoustic and traditional musical instruments. Encouraged by limitations and dissatisfaction of the results of recording sessions in live concerts , we try to create an affordable solutions and finally came out and delivering the Seruni SEM-01.

SEM-01 is an Indonesian hand-built electret condenser lavalier microphone that designed specifically for acoustic instruments like orchestra and any traditional instruments using the best components available. With frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and omnidirectional capsule, Seruni SEM-01 delivers the most natural sound in both live and studio settings, and best to be used on string instruments (like violin, cello, doublebass), acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, any type of percussions, and also piano.

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Transducer Type:Condenser Microphone Electret
Capsule Diameter:0.6 cm
Polar Pattern:Omni – Directional
Connections:XLR (Neutrik Gold Plated)
Frequency Response:20Hz – 20 kHz
Power Requirement:+48V Phantom Power
Dimensions:Length (12.5 cm), Diameter (2 cm)
Cable Length:250 cm (Tasker 3 mm)