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iConnectivity PlayAUDIO 1U



Audio and MIDI Interface for Live Performance

PlayAUDIO1U is designed to support live performances at the professional level. It is a deeply-thought out, bulletproof, fail-proof, and made-to-tour interface that provides pristine audio output as well as comprehensive MIDI connectivity to your whole stage. It’s perfect for control and playback of backing tracks, virtual instruments, or most anything else you can think of that requires computers in a live environment.

Layers of protection

Being built to tour means that even the little details get thought of.

  • PlayAUDIO1U fail-proofs your show by employing iConnectivity’s famous multi-computer redundancy. It listens to your software and when issues occur it automatically switches computers faster than anyone can hear. It does this by listening to either (or both) MIDI or audio coming from your computer.

  • PlayAUDIO1U introduces a new type of protection with your performance. In addition to listening for software or computer failure, it can listen to the audio streams coming from your computers and through itself. At the slightest hint of an audio problem, it can mute the audio to the main outputs and provide diagnostic information to the operator via its display. This helps protect everyone from bad audio, noise, etc. from passing through the outputs and into the PA system, Monitors, etc.


The PlayAUDIO1U Display – your virtual assistant

Like your own virtual assistant, the display provides information about what is happening in your world. Enjoy real-time information such as MIDI monitoring and audio levels. The display will also provide you with warnings if computers fail or if there are issues elsewhere in the system.

With PlayAUDIO1U’s display, getting setup properly and/or diagnosing problems has never been faster or easier.

Made to tour!

12 Panel reinforced XLR outs:
The rear of PlayAUDIO1U is ready for your performance. Plug it right into your snake, loom, or stage box and go. Also, the XLR jacks are reinforced by the chassis, making them stand up better to the rigors of the road.

1U Rackmountable chassis:
Pop the PlayAUDIO1U into your rack or use it alone. It is super flexible.

Switching onboard power with IEC connector:
No wall warts needed! Switching100v – 220v 50-60hz with IEC connection makes PlayAUDIO1U compatible throughout the world! Just plug PlayAUDIO1U in and go.


PlayAUDIO1U is a MIDI maniac

At iConnectivity, we’re been the world leaders and innovators in MIDI connectivity for years now. We’ve put everything we know about MIDI in live performance into the PlayAUDIO1U.

PlayAUDIO1U can act as your chief MIDI manager for your live performance. Connect devices via its built-in 5 pin MIDI Din, USB host port, connected computers, and even on the network via RTP MIDI.

Once everything is connected, It lets you tailor what MIDI goes where and when. For instance, iConnectivity’s powerful MIDI processing lets you easily send MIDI to connected computing devices while only sending one set of program changes to connected peripherals, send all notes off when computer failure occurs to avoid stuck notes, filter out extraneous CC’s, and much much more…

It’s a MIDI beast. iConnectivity’s famous flexibility is built-in.


Key features

  • 12 Balanced panel reinforced XLR outputs

  • Integrated +48v phantom power protection on outputs protects your interface from accidental damage when plugging directly into consoles or stage boxes

  • 1x 1/4” TRS stereo headphone output with dedicated control for convenient headphone monitoring

  • USB MIDI host port, offering up to 8 ports worth of USB MIDI for Class Compliant controllers and/or modules

  • DIN-MIDI port built-in (1 in 1 out)

  • Ethernet MIDI with 22 ports of connectivity for rugged long-distance MIDI connections

  • Comprehensive audio mixing and routing between connected USB computing devices and analog outputs

  • Easy-to-use capacitive touch control and 2 rotary encoders provide software-less control over PlayAUDIO1U’s key features from the front panel

  • 100-240v switching power built-in with Industry-Standard IEC Power Connection

  • 2x USB C type ports for connecting computing devices

  • Automatic and manual computer switching modes, for lightning-fast switching between connected computers

  • 2x 2 button  “Control” footswitch selectable input/outputs can be mapped to MIDI functions, control over numerous functions on the interface and/or sending control messages to compatible devices

  • Audio Protection helps stop unwanted noise from corrupt audio sources/files from making it into the audience

  • Auracle software enables you to tailor the PlayAUDIO1U’s settings to your exact needs

  • High-resolution audio – Studio sound quality for the live arena – up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion

  • “MIDI learn” from external MIDI devices to control key functions on the interface

  • OLED screen for instantaneous status information and precise control

  • 1U ready-to-tour rack-mountable chassis

The features of PlayAUDIO1U are patented and patent pending. See for more information.

Product features are subject to change. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iConnectivity, iConnectMIDI, PlayAUDIO, iConnectAUDIO, ConnectAUDIO and Audio passThru are trademarks of iKingdom Corp. Copyright (c) iKingdom Corp. 2023


What’s in the box

  • 1 PlayAUDIO1U Audio + MIDI interface

  • 2 USB-C to USB-C cables

  • 2 USB-C to USB-A type adapters

  • 1 Each – Type B, G, and F type IEC power cables. (type I is included in Australia)

Device Specifications


483 mm / 19”


44 mm / 1.15”


200 mm / 7.9”


2700g / 6lbs